Saturday, May 4, 2013

60 Trading Days trade without Brokerage Charges

60 Trading Days trade without Brokerage Charges
Yes for 60 trading days you can trade for free without any brokerage charges. Only condition is in these 60 days trading you should be in Net Profit. Everyone who is in Net Profit in their Trading then 100% all the brokerage charges will be refunded without any question. 

After 60 Trading days brokerage will be charged normally at 0.01% of the turnover to maximum Rs 20 Per executed Order. Click here for more details

We are India's only true online discount broking firm which charges Rs. 20 Per executed order without Any Advance Brokerage, Any product, Any quantity , Any exchange & Any volume.  

What do you get from us? 
  1. The entire brokerage generated during the 60 trading days will be refunded to you at the end (Traders should be Profit in 60 Days Trading). 
  2. We will send you a certificate acknowledging your success a definite memory to have up on your wall. 
  3. If you wish, we would share a brief profile of yours on our website which gets Lakhs of unique visitors every month and on our facebook page which has over 50000 likes. 
  4. As a successful, you would also get an unbelievable chance to interview to work as a professional trader for the our brokerage Prop Desk and associated hedge funds. 

Click here to open  trading account. Any queries about this offer Call us at +91 94516 59275 .

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